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Our solutions take care of all the tedious tasks, AI content suggestion, designing your page, internal linking, and all the meta tags search engines like. Start ranking for hundreds more keywords today.

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Recommend content and pages designs for you

Just enter a list of keywords you want to rank for, and our solution will take care of the rest.

Our solution comes with an exhaustive list of customizable templates to get you started faster, e.g., Articles, "How to" pages, Your brand VS Competitor, FAQ ...

Design your page once, reuse it many times

It has never been easier to design pages as you visualize them.

Our intuitive drag and drop page builder comes with an extensive library of pre-built-in components and an easy-to-use interface to adapt them to match your style.

Social media images, meta tags, structured data

With our simplified workflow, you'll finally enjoy what used to be a cumbersome task.

Removing all the time sinking tasks Data to Page makes it easier to start ranking on those longtail keywords you are eyeing.

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Built-in Plagiarism Checker

On average, our AI-generated content scores 90% Unique content.

Ensure that your generated and self-written content adheres to all the best practices. All the pages created through our platform are automatically compared against billions of pages.

100% Page Speed Performance

Out of the box, your created pages come with optimal performances.

No need for extra plugins. All performance best practices come built-in. Page caching, image optimization, thumbnail generation, code minification

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  • 5 AI Content Generation (~750 words per content)
  • 5 Open Graph Images
  • 5 Active Pages
  • Low Limitation on Manually Inputted/Imported Content
  • 1 Connected Site
  • 100+ Built In Components

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